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we also want them to win for the project "meinland"

it is about following

to use the land, in a mixture of camping and allotment-garden, especially suiitable for families whit children.

this way people come to land, the sun had no possibility to

a large piece of land to buy and then split

In france, 20 estate whit 120 ha area, of which 24 ha forest 96 ha of agricultural land

This farm was sold! We will find another object-another

1. the estate be divided into plots, 1 plot is 100m/2 tall, and cost

2. buys each according to his financial opportunities a share of it.

3. The shares are being reserved until the entire sale together is

4. in the same order as the reservation and payment amounts received,
then the selection of Parcelized

5. the surveying of each parcel is done with  GPS

6. the existing building will be as much as possible all easy to be made available
serve for receiving, management, restaurant, entertainment, guest accommodation and the like

7. The basic idea is that the entire operation after latest environmentally-friendly measures and biologically manage
to be
biological cleaning as the effluent  http://www.delphin-ws.de  wetlands  http://www.svbp.org/Composting Toilet  http://www.zwirneli.ch/co around a few

8. each individual is responsible for its plot itself responsible, so can actually do what he wants!

9. called farnis built can in most cases without any official permit to be
including mobielhome, caravans, container, barracks, tipi, tent, etc.

10.The control are key anteilmäsig after the plot size
the respective owners billed

revenue surpluses should follow the same principle will be disbursed



The pool

idea Any interested party determines the size of the plot from 100m2 free will and its financial capabilities. He also has the choice to various objects orient. He is constantly on the daily state of its objects informed.

Are enough interested parties together around a plot to buy the common country Ltd. was founded, each shareholder will receive shares of the company in proportion to its land

because the properties tendered for sale, it can even happen that an object in front of our realization to another buyer goes on. In this case we will provide an equivalent country looking stucco, and we reserve the right to charge in such a case the cash deposits to another still existing objects to be transferred

The prospective shows his interest through a deposit to ensure appropriate accounts or through his bank account to.

 The money remains in the pool until the project is "my country" can be realized. The money is from the pool managers to the best of faith and belief in trust managed. 

The pool of donors have any time insight on the progress of the project "my own country"                             

 pleas recommend our site, but further because people know the more of them the faster "meinland" is truly 

abaut me    

i birth was 1959 i goschool 9 years, avter i learning paper-technician 3 years in paperfaktory cham / swiss

i go works in various professions chaufeur and courier jobs, i was gardening, work in sawmill,

spinning mill, tested over longer period at hoffmsn la-roche medical equipment,

was 5 years whit a creppes (pancake) stood on the road techno partys

and aktive after prolonges illnes since 2003 no longer working live

hobbys; all that fun, makes my interesdet in nature, technology,scsientivic, esoteric and the latest

in research, lice kook and eat! 

  to   meinland    meinland.gmbh@gmail.com

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